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About 15th meeting of Air Navigation Coordinating Commission

Fifteenth meeting of Air Navigation Coordinating Commission will be held in the Interstate Aviation Committee on 21-23 June, 2017. Representatives of 8 contracting states of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace including representatives of the Ministry of Defense (Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus), Eurasian Economic Commission and a number of leading scientific production associations and scientific organizations of the Russian Federation will take part in the meeting. 

The Commission's work will be conducted as plenary meeting of subcommissions - "Air navigation" and "Aviation meteorology".

Issues related to current communication and data transmission system, information security, certification procedures, civil-military coordination in addressing concerns of air-navigation support, unmanned aircraft integration into common airspace and a range of other issues will be considered at "Air Navigation" subcommission. 

Issues related to regional features of meteorological service of contracting states of the Agreement will be considered at "Aviation meteorology" subcommission.

On-site meetings of Air Navigation Coordinating subcommissions are also scheduled in LEMZ scientific production association and Aviation training and scientific-research center of Boeing company in Skolkovo innovation zone.