About the participation of IAC delegation in CAPSCA EUR/MID/10 meeting and the workshop on aviation medicine

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) delegation took part in the joint 10th meeting of the ICAO Regional Offices in Europe, North Atlantic and in the Middle East, held within the framework of the Agreement on Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation (CAPSCA EUR/MID/10) and the workshop on aviation medicine.
During CAPSCA EUR/MID/10 meeting held on February 14-16, 2023, there was a discussion of ideas, strategies and experience in the field of public health in civil aviation and the readiness of aviation sector for future health crises. The joint interregional meeting was attended by delegates from more than 50 states, representatives of a number of organizations of UN system, ICAO, WHO, IATA, EASA, IAC and other interregional organizations and institutions.
As a member of CAPSCA EUR participant and a coordinator for cooperation with civil aviation authorities and public health authorities in the States Parties to the Agreement the IAC initiated the entry of a number of CIS states into the CAPSCA Programme. At the meeting the IAC representatives and the States Parties to the Agreement presented information on the prospects of CAPSCA Programme revitalization and organizing public health corridors, issues on sanitary and epidemiological support in air transport in the Eastern European Region and the activities of the Coordinative Advisory Aeromedical Council (CAAC) of the IAC. The work carried out on a regular basis by the experts of the aeromedical council effects various spheres of medical and sanitary support of flight safety and work of aviation personnel. IAC CAAC experts prepared more than 15 regulatory documents and held 40 meetings including those on CAPSCA issues. Public health corridors for Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are implemented during the pandemic by ICAO EUR/NAT in partnership with the IAC.
Regional Director for the ICAO European and North Atlantic (EUR/NAT) Office Nicolas Rallo and Regional Director for the ICAO Middle East (MID) Office Mohammed Abu Baker Farea thanked the Kingdom of Bahrain for organizing this important event and expressed confidence for further successful and fruitful meetings. They noted that CAPSCA Programme implementation with strengthening intersectoral, interstate and interregional cooperation ensures the maximum readiness of the aviation ecosystem to protect public health, the operation of safe and economically viable air transport. The CAPSCA conferences and cooperation under the auspices of ICAO-WHO provide a unique opportunity to use the accumulated collective knowledge, create the structures and business processes necessary to manage the current situation, and also provide an opportunity to prevent any potential public health crisis in aviation in the future.
CAPSCA is a voluntary intersectoral multi-organization program of cooperation managed by ICAO with WHO support. It brings together state and private aviation stakeholders to ensure a coordinated approach to public health risks.