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Official information and position of the IAC on all issues are posted only on the website of the organization. Public speeches and publications of IAC employees are their expert opinions and may not coincide with the position of the IAC

About the accident with Mi-2 RA-20406 helicopter

On November 25, 2021 at a distance of 25 km from Pokachi locality (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, RF) the accident involving Mi-2 RA-20406 helicopter occurred...


About the «Flight data analysis» workshop

«Flight data analysis» workshop has been held within the framework of the ICAO-IAC Project RER/01/901...


About the seminar “Global Runway Surface Condition Reporting Format (GRF) – an aid to implementation”

On 9 November 2021 the webinar “Global Runway Surface Condition Reporting Format   (GRF) – an aid to implementation” was held by the Interstate Aviation Committee jointly with ICAO and Airbus...


About the accident with An-12BК EW-518TI aircraft

According to the submitted information, near Irkutsk Airport the accident involving An-12BК EW-518TI aircraft owned by Grodno Aircompany JSC (Republic of Belarus) occurred on November 3, 2021.


About IAC participation in ICAO Conference on COVID-19

Leaders and experts of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) took part in the High-Level Conference on COVID-19 (HLCC 2021).


About the accident with А-22YUS RA-1242G

On 24.10.2021 near Vatulino Airfield, Moscow Region (RF) the accident involving А-22YUS RA-1242G private single-built aircraft occurred. 


About the accident with Cessna-182T RA-67213 aircraft

On 17.10.2021 near Balkhash Lake, Almaty Region, Republic of Kazakhstan the accident involving Cessna-182T RA-67213 aircraft occurred.


About the accident with R44 RA-04172 helicopter

On 03.10.2021 near Lytkarino town, Moscow Region (RF), an accident involving R44 RA-04172 private helicopter occurred. 


About the accident with An-26 RA-26673 aircraft

According to the information provided by FATA (Rosaviatsia), on 22 September, 2021 during flight inspection of radio aids of Khabarovsk Novy Airport (Khabarovsk Krai, RF) the accident involving An-26КPA RA-26673 aircraft owned by Flight checks and systems CJSC occurred. 


About the accident with Bely Lebed RA-1815G aircraft

On 16.09.2021 near Lake Glubokoye, Soviet District (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, RF) the accident involving Bely Lebed RA-1815G single-built private aircraft occurred.  


About international video Conference on Aircraft De-/Anti-Icing

On 14 September 2021 the international video Conference on Aircraft De-/Anti-Icing and development of supplements to the Methodical Recommendations on airplane protection from icing up on the ground 2021 was held by the Interstate Aviation Committee...


About the accident with PZL-101А RA-2388G aircraft

On 13.09.2021 between Bekhteyevka and Sokolovka villages, Belgorod Region (RF) the accident involving PZL-101А RA-2388G single-built aircraft occurred.


About the accident with L-410 UVP-E20 RA-67042 aircraft

On 12.09.2021 at UTC (22:47 local time), near Kazachinsk landing site (Irkutsk Region, Leninsky District, Russia the accident involving L‑410 UVP-E20 RA-67042 aircraft occurred... 


About the accident with Ansat RA-20059 helicopter

On 23.08.2021 at the landing site of Ivanovo city clinical hospital the accident involving Ansat RA-20059 helicopter operated by RusAvia Airlines Ltd occurred. 


About the accident with Borey BL010 RA-3042G amphibian

On 23.08.2021 near Cherkizovo village, Moscow Region (RF) the accident involving Borey BL010 RA-3042G single-built amphibian occurred.  


About the accident with An-8Т RA-24744 helicopter

On 12.08.2021 near Ozerny Cordon Locality, Kurile Lake, Kamchatka Region (RF) the accident involving Mi-8 RA-24744 helicopter owned by Vityaz-Aero Airline, Ltd, occurred. 


About the accident with Sierra P2002 RA-2329G aircraft

On 24.07.2021 at the area of Kalinka Airport, Khabarovsk Krai (Russia) the accident involving Sierra P2002 RA-2329G private single-built aircraft occurred. 


About the accident with An-28 RA-28728 aircraft

On 16.07.2021 in Bakchar district, Tomsk region (Russia) the non-fatal accident involving An-28 RA-28728 aircraft owned by SiLa, Ltd occurred. 


About the accident with P2002-JF RA-01865 aircraft

On 08.07.2021 the accident involving P2002-JF RA-01865 aircraft occurred at the area of Tolka Airport, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District (Russia).


About termination of the Investigation team work on the accident with Pa-28 ARCHER RA-2786G aircraft

According to the initial report by the FATA Arkhangelsk Interregional Territorial Department on June 14, 2021 at the area of Yarensk locality, Arkhangelsk region (RF) the accident involving Pa-28 ARCHER RA 2786G aircraft occurred.