About the meeting of Aviation Security Coordination Council

The meeting of Coordinating council on aviation safety of the contracting states of the Agreement on collaboration against acts of unlawful interference in civil aviation (Minsk, 1995) was held in the Interstate Aviation Committee. The heads of civil aviation authority aviation security, national/state airlines and international airports of the contracting states of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace, representatives of the range of international organisations and security agencies participated in the meeting.
     Current issues on aviation security promotion of civil aviation in conditions of challenges and threats to air transport and infrastructure facilities of international civil aviation, ICAO high level declared Conferences on aviation security (September 2012) as well as the ICAO Statement on hazard global context (April 2013) were considered at the meeting.  
     The meeting participants participated in the first International scientific conference "Current issues of transport security promotion during passenger and cargo carriage in international air transport" organised by the Executive Committee of Coordinating Transport meeting of CIS contracting states within the framework of transport week of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Russian Federation.