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About some provisions of Aviation Regulations, Part 21

    In accordance with the decision of the 33rd Session of the Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace approved the IAC Aviation Register approach to validation of light and very light aircraft on the basis of certification practice harmonization with the relevant practice of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) USA, the draft of a new edition of Aviation Regulations, Part 21 "Certification of aviation equipment, design and manufacture organizations" contains the following provisions: 
    - Paragraph 21.24 "Certification tests of light aircraft, normal rotorcraft, very light aircraft and rotorcraft, piloted free balloons and airships" provides certification activities by a commission formed from experts of the IAC Aviation Register, expert auditors and other specialists, taking into account the proposals of the Applicant, that in comparison with the existing practice of attracting certification centers to the activities, will significantly simplify and reduce the cost of certification work;
    - Paragraph 21.500 (b) contains a note that foreign very light aircraft with a maximum take-off mass of not more than 750 kg, rotorcraft with a maximum take-off weight of not exceeding 600 kg, and manned free balloons and airships are not subject to mandatory certification by the IAC Aviation Register.