The history of the Project ICAO-IAC RER/01/901/

ICAO-IAC document project entitled as “Development of operational safety and continuing airworthiness for contracting states of the international Agreement”, code RER/01/901 was signed on September 19, 2000 in Montreal in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) headquarters between the ICAO Secretary General K. Pereira and the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) Chairperson T. Anodina. The project is designed to ensure development of aviation transport safety and operational efficiency by creating Training and advisory center on flight safety in the IAC headquarters in Moscow. This center is aimed to assist in training of aviation specialists ensuring flight safety and continuing airworthiness in the contracting states of the Agreement. These problems can be solved by the group of highly qualified specialists who will ensure full inspection of flight safety and certification process in full compliance with the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS). This project implementation will ensure upgrading of specialists monitoring functions of each contracting state of the Agreement while training at the same place as well as necessary assistance to organizations ensuring flight safety at the national level. April 2001 is the start date of the Project implementation.

The set of regulatory documents in the field of flight safety developed within the project framework and approved by the ICAO experts formed the basis of aviation legislation of some contracting states of the project and successfully applied in practice by aviation administrations and airlines of these countries.

The project enhances flight safety monitoring of each contracting state by training national inspectors, aviation specialists at the workplace and rendering necessary assistance to the contracting states.

In general, about 5000 aviation specialists of the contracting states of the International Agreement have been trained at symposiums, conferences, seminars and workshops that contributed significantly to the quality upgrade of service and domestic and foreign aircraft equipment operation in the region countries and allowed aviation authorities to upgrade the level of monitoring for regulatory documents implementation.

Following the ICAO strategic goal aimed at strengthening the role of regional organizations in development of operational safety in their regions, the IAC and the ICAO are planning to create the regional expert group consisting of certified specialists of the region countries able to independently conduct audits and provide data about them to the ICAO. It will be totally a new stage in the project expansion.