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Conference on Aircraft De-/Anti-Icing

On 15-16 September 2022 Conference on Aircraft De-/Anti-Icing was held by the Interstate Aviation Committee, Interstate Council on Aviation and Airspace Use and the International Civil Aviation Organization within the framework of the ICAO/IAC Project “Development of Operational Safety and Continuous Airworthiness in the Member States of the Agreement”.

The participants of the Conference included about 150 specialists from 8 states: ICAO experts, the leaders and experts of the Interstate Council, IAC, State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation Federal State Unitary Enterprise, specialists from the CAAs, leading airlines, airports, training centres and air enterprises of the States of the ICAO subregion and Europe.

The following reports were presented at the Conference:

1. New 8-th edition of the Methodical Recommendations Airplane protection from icing up on the ground.”

2. Certification of anti-icing fluids in the State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation Federal State Unitary Enterprise.

3. Problems of airports in aircraft ground de-/anti-icing identified during the audits.

4. Anti-icing treatment of the aircraft nose.

5. De-icing instructors training.

6. Flight crew training on the ground de-/anti-icing.

7. Aircraft ground de-/anti-icing specialists courses.

8. Running engines aircraft handling.

9. Development of airport infrastructure based on the example of de-/anti-icing platforms.

10. Advantages of new anti-icing fluids based on ethylene-glycol.

11. Safety culture as a basis for the de-icing risk management.

The new 8-th edition of the Methodical Recommendations “Airplane protection from icing up on the ground” includes new sections, which aroused great interest of the listeners, in particular sections devoted to the anti-icing treatment of the aircraft nose and the use of the de-icing instructors’ training methodology.

There were also presented fluid consumption rates for various aircraft types.

The participants of the Conference stressed the necessity of expanding the training of qualified personnel for aircraft de-/anti-icing and flight personnel training.

At the Conference special attention was given to the safety issues during the aircraft de-/anti-icing and the role of the human factor in ensuring flight safety.

In the course of the Conference the participants considered the issues related to the research and creation of domestic anti-icing fluids, including those based on ethylene-glycol.

It should be especially noted that once the State Standard is issued, the problem of the standardization of the methodical recommendations will be resolved.

The 8-th edition of the Methodical Recommendations “Airplane protection from icing up on the ground” for improving flight safety, presented at the Conference, was highly appreciated and approved by the aviation specialists of the region.

The participants of the Conference noted a significant contribution to ensuring flight safety in the States of the region made due to the annual de-/anti-icing conferences held before the autumn-winter navigation.

Attached documents:

01-10 Презентация от ООО АВИАФЛЮИД ИНТЕРНЕШНЛ от 13.09.2022.pdf (226.07 KB)

01-09 ПрезентМАК_6.pdf (738.92 KB)

01-08 Обработка самолетов с работающими двигателями.pdf (1.16 MB)

01-07 Презентация к конференции.pdf (498.11 KB)

01-05 Deicing Instructorys Training 22.pdf (1.35 MB)

01-04 Nose Area Deicing.pdf (654.5 KB)

01-03 ПОЗ ВС_14.09.2022-2.pdf (1002.82 KB)

01-02 022 сентябрь Покидко презентация сертификация ПОЖ МАК.pdf (307.56 KB)

01-01 20220915 New deicing recommendations report.pdf (211.78 KB)