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Expression of farewell to Lyudmila Shvetsova

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      Dear Moscovites, Russians, people of Kiev, Kharkov, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and all people of large post-soviet territory, veterans and young people, and women of international forum!

      I appeal to you in connection with the huge loss that we all have suffered.

      At night on October 29th this year the heart of the great person of this planet, beautiful woman, kind, open-hearted and sincere person, the highest professional and talented organizer Lyudmila Shvetsova has stopped beating.

      Today we bid her good-bye and bend our heads in grief and put sunflowers - her favorite flowers - to her feet.

      Lyudmila Ivanovna devoted all her life to serving people, community, state. Her love and generosity was boundless. Worldly wisdom, advertence, kindness won the authority and respect of all people without reference to their nationality, religion, age, status, rank and position. She just infinitely loved and respected people. And it was mutual.

      She was incredibly sympathetic, able to take problems of other people to heart, ready to help everyone at any time.

      After losing her only son, husband, brother she became the mother of many children. Thousands, millions of children are her children. Ludmila Invanovna not only loved them, she gave her maternal warmth and her endless and at the same time such sort life to them. She built nursery schools, kindergardens, hospitals, secondary schools, institutions, children playgrounds, park, theatres... And not only in Moscow but far beyond it.

      Personally for me it's a double loss. For 35 years of our life Lyudmila has been my close friend. She as nobody else was able to be friend and she appreciated the friendship. Love for the aviation and the sky made us friends.

      After graduating from Kharkov Avition University she took first steps of her working life in Kiev at Experimental Design Bureau named after Antonov where I had been growing and studying after moving with my family from Leningrad - Saint-Petersburg. There she met her husband, created a family and brought up her son. Then - Komsomol way - the Secretary of the Central Committee of Ukrainian Komsomol.

     It is symbolically that her heart stopped beating at night on October 29th - the birthday of Komsomol that was her personal holiday. This day great Eugene Maximovich Primakov who has been our great friend and Teacher celebrated his 85 years.

      She knew firsthand about problems of young people, studentship, veterans and this experience was the background for solving serious social state issues. Lyudmila loved life, sun, theatre and good music. The last song we sang together was in Ukrainian was "Dear mother, you didn't sleep at nights.

      Despite that Lyudmila Ivanovna didn't work long in Aviation she loved the sky, aircraft and was always in flight. This night on October 29th together with Valentina Tereshkova, Tamara Sinyavskaya - Magomaeva and Elena Obraztova who she set her last flowers at the jubilee - we sang the song "Tenderness" by Alexandra Pakhmutova who she endlessly loved - "The word became deserted without you", we want to stay with you for a while so much. It was clear starry sky and our small world in this infinite world of stars. And tonight one more new bright star will appear in the endless world of space, sky. It will always shine there and its name is Lyudmila.

     Lyudmila Ivanovna is no longer with us but her smile, warmth, love will stay in our souls and hearts and the image of beautiful, young and energetic woman and faithful friend. She was and will always be the Great Person and Woman of the World.


Tatiana Anodina-Pleshakova, Doctor of science, professor, academician

Honored Scientist of Russia