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About the visit of Tatiana Anodina to Turkmenistan

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      President of the Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace, IAC Chairperson T. Anodina had a working visit to Turkmenistan (Ashkhabad) on September 14-16, this year. 
      During her visit T. Anodina was received by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimukhamedov. T. Anodina informed President about the Interstate/IAC work results in implementation of authorities specified by the International Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace in the field of aviation regulations development, aircraft and international aerodromes certification, accident investigation, interstate programmes implementation in the field of civil aviation development and aviation specialists training. All aircraft operated by "Turkmen Airlines" have IAC international certificates. 
      President of Turkmenistan G. Berdymukhamedov, emphasized that construction of new airports and reconstruction of operating airports, terminals and other engineering and technical facilities are being held in accordance with  "National Civil Aviation Development Programme for 2012-2030".
      President of Turkmenistan G. Berdymukhamedov offered the IAC to certificate a new international aerodrome Ashkhabad which will come into operation in 2016 and receive guests of Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (Aziada-2017) which will be held in the capital of Turkmenistan.
      T. Anodina reported about flight safety specialists training within the framework of ICAO-IAC Project which is paid much attention in Turkmenistan. It was emphasized that no accidents with commercial aircraft have occurred in Turkmenistan for 20 years. 
      T. Anodina informed about preparation for 35th Session of Interstate Council which will be held in Baku on October 22-23 this year with participation of ICAO President and Director of European ICAO Office and heads of civil aviation, industry and international organisations. The President proved the importance of civil aviation Minister and other specialists of Turkmenistan participation in the Interstate Council work and this meeting as well.
      The President showed respect and emphasized the importance of the Interstate Council/IAC work which contributes to the further safe and efficient development of civil aviation in close cooperation with ICAO in one of the largest regions in the world.
      T. Anodina awarded President of Turkmenistan G. Berdymukhamedov N. Zhukovsky the Medal for his outstanding contribution to the development of Turkmen aviation and thanked for continued support of civil aviation.
      T. Anodina expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality accorded to her in Turkmenistan
      During her visit T. Anodian met with Minister - head of the State national service "Turkmenhowayollary" Y. Yazov and with heads of leading civil aviation services and enterprises of Turkmenistan. Cooperation results and the necessity and importance of further deepening and development of major directions of civil aviation activity were discussed.  
      Mutual gratitude for fruitful and highly professional cooperation was expressed.
      Course of the visit and meeting of T. Anodina with the President was widely covered in mass-media of Turkmenistan.

President of the Interstate Council, IAC Chairperson T. Anodina regularly helds working visits and meetings with heads of the contracting states of the Agreement within the framework of programmes agreed with states.