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About the meeting of Tatiana Anodina with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) delegation of the USA

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President of the Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace (Interstate Council) T. Anodina received Federal Aviation Authority delegation of the USA. Interstate Council State Secretary, ICAO-IAC project head manager and other IAC leading officials presented at the meeting. American delegation was headed by FAA Executive director for international affairs. Director of FAA Office in Europe, Africa and in the Middle East and other FAA representatives in CIS and Russia of the USA Embassy in Russian Federation presented at the meeting as well.
Condolences to relatives and families of killed people were expressed in connection with anniversary of the fatal accident with Boeing 777 aircraft flight MH-17. T. Anodina extended condolences to Embassies of Netherlands, Malayzia and Embassies of other states in Moscow. Measures on prevention such tragedies in the world were discussed. These measures are in proposals context and IAC working document presented to ICAO President in Montreal headquarters and at the global aviation safety conference.
Information about activity of the Interstate Council and IAC as international regional organisation, the executive body of Interstate Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace and other international Agreements was presented at the meeting. The U.S. side noted with appreciation the efficiency of IAC activity as one of the leading regional aviation organisations.
The results of long-term IAC and FAA cooperation on international (intergovernmental) agreements implementation in the field of flight safety and other issues of civil aviation development were discussed. Positive character of both sides cooperation in the fields of airworthiness regulation, joint aeronautical equipment certification, its design and manufacture, as well as mutual investigation of some fatal accidents was emphasized.
Both sides emphasized the significance of continuing and expansion of cooperation with FAA and other USA structures within the framework of ICAO-IAC project in the field of civil aviation and aviation industry for their safe and efficient development and flight-safety specialists-inspectors training as well.
Gratitude to outgoing FAA main representative I. Nasr was expressed and good luck and efficiency in his important mission was wished to A. Mackey taking up his post in September this year.
The meeting was held in professional and friendly atmosphere and mutual awareness of the need to expand mutually beneficial collaboration and international cooperation in all aviation fields.