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About congratulation of Tatiana Anodina on her Birthday

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     Numerous Birthday congratulations were addressed to Tatiana Nodina, the President of the Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace, the Interstate Aviation Committee Chairperson from heads of different states, diplomatic missions, international organisations, ministers and authorities, civil aviation organisations and aviation industry of Russia and other contracting States of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace, social leaders, honoured scientists, artists, medical workers, mass-media executives and others. 
      Tatiana Anodina expresses sincere gratitude to everybody for congratulations, warm words and wishes.
      Tatiana Anodina is particularly grateful to the ICAO Council President Bernard Aliue for appreciation of the IAC activity.
      The message of the ICAO Council says: "I would like personally express my sincere congratulations and thank you for your tireless efforts and long-term commitment to upgrade the flight safety monitoring of the region states. For the past 25 years you have perfectly worked as the first and the only Chairman of the Interstate Aviation Committee and scale and efficiency of your management not only contributed to the success of your State region but earned the admiration at the global level. No doubt this fact played the important role in awarding you with Edward Warner prize in 1997 by the ICAO - the most prestigious prize which we can give and which places you among the prominent figures of history who contributes to the development of global air transport network. I wish your organization every success in carrying out its work, and I want to assure you in continued cooperation on behalf of the ICAO".   
      Tatiana Anodina assured that aviation has been and will be in this difficult time the safest and the most favorite for passengers type of transport uniting peoples, states and continents for the sake of peace, progress and safety as emphasized in the Convention on International Civil Aviation of 1994 year. 
      Tatiana Anodina confirms that she and the Interstate Aviation Committee headed by her in cooperation with the ICAO, other international and regional organisations, as well as the states with which the IAC has had long-term constructive cooperation will continue to do whatever is necessary in order to ensure safe, orderly and efficient development of civil aviation. 
Tatiana Anodina wishes everybody health, well-being, clear sky, peace and sun in our houses and states.