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About the conferment of Honorary Professor title of Lomonosov Moscow State University to Tatiana Anodina

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     The ceremony of conferment of Honorary Professor title of Lomonosov Moscow State University "for prominent achievements in the field of airspace and fruitful cooperation with the Mosocw State University" to the President of Interstate Council on aviation, the IAC Chairman, Doctor of science, professor Tatiana Anodina was held in the main library hall of Lomonosov Moscow State University on October 9, 2015. This title is awarded to prominent scientists, artists, politicians, public figures world-wide. Reading the decision of the Moscow State University Board of studies Rector V.A. Sadovnichy paid tribute to professor T. Anodina in science and emphasized her continuing active scientific cooperation with the Moscow State University. 
      V. Sadovnichy emphasized that T. Anodina is known all over the world as the leading scientist and researcher in the field of airspace on development and implementation of the first automated air traffic control, navigation and landing systems which are operated in 200 international aerodromes and control centers as well as in other disruptive aeronautical science researches. For exceptional contribution in international aeronavigation including in GLONASS civilian use as comprehensive component of global setellite navigation system T. Anodina was awarded with the Gold Medal and Edward Warner Award - the highest international prize in the field of aviation and airspace on behalf of 190 States of the world. She has been the first and the only woman-scientist awarded with this prestigious prize. Only 40 people have been honoured to receive this Award since 1959.
      The Rector emphasized as well that T. Anodina is the author of over 100 scientific works and 25 monographs, she is the scientist of Russia, has highest awards of many States and international organisations for scientific and technological innovations, she is the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour (France) as well.
     Taking diploma and the medal of Honorary professor of the Moscow State University T. Anodina in accordance with tradition promised to support the science world ideals and serve the science and education prosperity. 
      In her short speech T. Anodina said that there is no higher award for her as the scientist than the work evaluation by the Moscow State University Board of Studies. Because the Moscow State University is the flagship of the national science and education, Alma-Mater for many famous public figures, politicians, journalists and scientists. The founder of the modern aerodynamics, father of Russian aviation Nikolay Egorovich Zhukovsky is among them. She expressed sincere gratitude to the Moscow State University Board of Studies, its Rector V.A. Sadovnichy for the great honour to receive this distinguished title - honorary professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University.
      At the same ceremony Ada Ionat - Israeli scientist-crystallographer, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2009 "for ribosome structure and function researches" was awarded the Honorary professor title. T. Anodina finished her speech with the words of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov: "Science is the most important, beautiful and important in a person's life, it has always been and will be the highest ostents of love, A human will win the nature and himself only by her alone".  
     The ceremony was held within the framework of the 5th all-Russian festival "Science 0+" opening. About thousand of guests took part in the event including the Moscow State University professors and teachers, other Russian and international universities, students and pupils of Russian schools and gymnasiums dreaming to engage themselves with science.
      After the official ceremony the professor T. Anodina in warm and non-formal environment communicated with students and pupils who came from different regions of Russia and answered their numerous questions.
      T. Anodina is grateful for numerous received congratulations.