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About 35th Session of the Interstate Council on Aviation in Baku

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     The 35th Session of the Interstate Council dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Interstate Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and upcoming 25th anniversary of Interstate Council and Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), its executive body was held on October 23, 2015 in Baku where the headquarters of Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace (Interstate Council) is situated. 
      The Interstate Council headquarters was opened in Baku based on unanimously taken decision of the 34th Session of the Interstate Council (December 2013) and in accordance with the Agreement between the Azerbaijan Republic government and Interstate Council on its headquarters residence in the Azerbaijan Republic (Baku). The Agreement was introduced by the Azerbaijan President and was unanimously ratified by Milli Majilis on December 30, 2014 and entered into force in January 2015.
      The ICAO President, Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu participated in the meeting. On the eve of the Session Dr. Aliu and Dr. Anodina were welcomed by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, Ilham Aliyev who stressed the importance of the anniversary Session of Interstate Council dedicated to the results of 25-year work of Interstate Council and IAC and 70th anniversary of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) while commending Interstate Council/IAC activity as one of the leading regional international organisations. The President said that the further development of civil aviation is the significant part of the Azerbaijan Republic economic strategy.
      Speaking at the Interstate Council Session opening the ICAO President stressed that his participation in Interstate Council Session "demonstrates the top priority which the ICAO gives to the united efforts of the states among your contracting states, as well as throughout the European North-Atlantic region".
      The ICAO President stressed that "the Interstate Aviation Council and IAC have managed over 25 years of cooperation to preserve and enhance the spirit of cooperation between States while achieving impressive results in the implementation of the fundamental principles of regional cooperation - one of the ICAO's most important priorities".
     The ICAO President stressed as well that during the held meetings during T. Anodina working visit to the ICAO headquarters in June 2015 "constructive ideas were exchanged and the issues of our organisations closer cooperation in future were considered".
      Interstate Council Session was held by the Interstate Council President T. Anodina whose authority was unanimously approved at the previous Session. T. Anodina presented two main reports: on the work results and further upgrading of Interstate Council/IAC work; on global-regional initiatives in the field of flight safety. She expressed gratitude to the Azerbaijan Republic government and "AZAL" Airlines for the perfect event management and hospitality.
      Vice Prime-Minister of the Azerbaijan Republic government Abid Sharifov welcomed the Session participants, he stressed that it's a great honor for his country to accept the Interstate Council headquarters and hold such representational international event, as well as the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan Sherali Gandzhalozda on behalf of CIS coordinating meeting. 
      The agenda comprised a range of issues and included reports on progress in ICAO-IAC programme implementation, flight safety in the region States, further improvement and harmonization of aviation regulations in the field of aircraft type and aerodromes certification, in the field of flight safety and the ICAO innovative initiatives implementation. 
      Head of the regional European and North Atlantic ICAO Office Luis Fonseks de Almeida, heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Transport, Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and accredited representatives of 11 States of our region, French Republic and other states, as well as heads of aviation authorities and international organisations including CIS, UNECE, IATA, aviation industry, training and science centers, FAA USA representative were at the meeting.
      Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation G. Gatilov who is in charge of cooperation with international organisations including ICAO, Interstate Council and IAC headed the large Russian delegation.
      Representative Nature of the held Session indicates the important role of the Interstate Council/IAC in aviation community and fundamentally new level of ICAO and IAC cooperation it is reaching in the field of flight safety promotion in the region.
      During Session the award Ceremony of veterans, as well as aviation enterprises of the contracting States of the Agreement - winners in nominations for prominent achievements in aviation and international-legal activity was held.
      Participants of Council Session approved the Interstate/IAC work and initiatives in implementation of the latest ICAO and global High-level Safety Conference decisions.
      Luis Fonseka de Almeida, head of the regional European and North Atlantic ICAO Office made a presentation at the end of the Session. He emphasized the actuality and importance of considered issues and stressed that today "there is every reason for enhancing our cooperation in the field of development and implementation of ICAO innovative initiatives in the field of flight safety, mechanism of continuous flight safety level monitoring and other strategic plans of global-regional cooperation". According to Mr. Almeida "over the years of cooperation European and North Atlantic ICAO Office with Interstate Council/IAC, representing the largest ICAO subregion became equal partners and ICAO policy conductors in the filed of flight safety". Taking the opportunity he invited T. Anodina to take part in the Ceremony in connection with 70th anniversary of European and North Atlantic ICAO Office which will be held in summer 2016.  
     ICAO President in his turn recalled the celebration of 70th anniversary of Chicago Convention held in last December 2014 when a new museum of civil aviation was opened in the ICAO headquarters. According to the ICAO President "sculpture "Dreaming of the sky" which was presented by Dr. T. Anodina, IAC Chairperson to ICAO has become one of the most beautiful presents".
     In conclusion the ICAO President stressed that "Interstate Council remains fully consistent with ICAO Strategic Objectives and that we therefore share a very solid foundation from which to pursue our intensified cooperation in the months and years ahead".

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