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About the official visit of the Interstate Council President, IAC Chairperson T. Anodina to the Kyrgyz Republic

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On May 22-24, 2017 at the invitation of the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic the official visit of the Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace (Interstate Council) delegation and IAC headed by the Interstate Council President, IAC Chairperson T. Anodina to Bishkek took place

Within the framework of visit the meeting with the Prime Minister S. Jeenbekov, First Vice Prime Minister of the Republic M. Abulgaziev and Minister of Transport and Roads J. Kalilov and head of Civil Aviation Agency K. Akishev took place. The parties discussed diverse range of issues on enhanced further cooperation within the framework of the Interstate Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace (1991) and Agreements with ICAO (1992, 2008, 2012, 2016). 

Т. Аnodina informed government of the Kyrgyz Republic on results of the Interstate Council and IAC activity for 25-year period.  

IAC acts as widely recognized international regional organization registered in this capacity in UN (ICAO). Similar authority with which IAC collaborates on the basis of international agreement was established in European Union in 2004. IAC has international agreements with 76 states and 19 international organizations in aviation industry.

750 accidents including over 40% of them outside the region have been investigated. Over 20 accidents have been investigated in the Kyrgyz Republic, investigation of the fatal accident with Turkish Boeing-747 aircraft occurred in Manas Airport in 2017 is underway. None of IAC conclusions was appealed in procedural order. 

Over 150 aircraft and engines including all aircraft operated in the Kyrgyz Republic, 102 international airports including in Bishkek and Osh towns have been certified. Within the framework of the ICAO-IAC International Project 9100 international flight safety inspectors (355 for the Kyrgyz Republic) have been trained over the past 15 years. 

In September 2016 in ICAO headquarters in Montreal the ICAO President B. Aliu and T. Anodina signed the Agreement which marks a new stage of counteraction with the ICAO in the field of international standards and programs implementation in favour of states in our region. Agreement on indefinite prolongation of the ICAO-IAC Project was also signed with ICAO Secretary General. 

At the commemorative meeting of the Interstate Council in the headquarters of Baku the ICAO President emphasized that the IAC is one of the most effective regional organizations in the world, confirmed ICAO consistent policy of IAC support and supported the Interstate Council decision on electing IAC Chairperson T. Anodina at the same time as Interstate Council President.

Т. Anodina noted that the Interstate Council and IAC could not have achieved high results without political support of heads of State and Government of member states of the Agreement including the Kyrgyz Republic and expressed her sincere gratitude for support of the Interstate Council and IAC integration activities and attention to civil aviation which is an important part of the country's economy and strengthens good neighborly relations among states and peoples. She wished continued prosperity, peace and stability to the Kyrgyz people.

During meetings a constructive exchange of views on flight safety level in the Kyrgyz Republic, level of compliance of state system of civil aviation with international standards, necessary steps aimed at overcoming crisis phenomena and measures of State support for civil aviation took place. 

Т. Anodina also made a number of constructive proposals on enhanced cooperation in the field of flight safety promotion in the region to the Prime Minister which were preliminarily discussed with the Minister of Transport and Roads, head of the Agency and other structures of civil aviation in the following areas: 

- Development and implementation of set of measures for removing national carriers from the European Union blacklists.  

- Certification of national training centers for compliance with the ICAO standards. 

- Further promotion of independence of major incident and accident investigation system for compliance with ICAO standards using IAC human and scientific and technical resources. Implementation of ICAO and IAC Investigation team recommendations.

- Continued assistance in implementation of GPS/GLONASS Global Positioning System and autolanding including for flights to unequipped regional airports and also PBN implementation.

- Development and implementation of set of measures for increasing the investment appeal of national airports including private-public partnership.

- Development of recommendations in the field of upgrading of civil aviation state control system. 

- Training of aviation specialists including state inspectors within the framework of Interstate Aviation specialists training center project implementation supported by states and already under implementation in the Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. 

- Continuation of the IAC and Civil Aviation Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic joint work on certification of aircraft, their maintenance and repair and also international airports and their equipment that was supported at the last meeting of the Interstate Council in 2016. 

- Development and implementation of set of measures on decisions implementation of 37 Session of the Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace supported by member states in enhancing accessibility and cost-effectiveness of airlines in the region including low cost airlines activity support and airspace liberalization within the framework of established IAC Coordinating Council.

Based on current international contacts and opportunities, Interstate Council and IAC expressed readiness to contribute to development of multidirectional communication and international relations, tourism and also take part in development of implementation of international education system and professional training of specialists from the Kyrgyz Republic.

Regarding the above mentioned issues T. Anodina requested the Prime Minister, if possible, to entrust the preparation of joint 3-year program and provide an opportunity to include this program in one of the state programs of the Kyrgyz Republic to the involved ministries and authorities of the Republic.

Т. Anodina assured Prime Minister that Interstate Council/IAC are ready, as previously, to provide comprehensive assistance and implement collaboration in all areas of activity and wished further progress in work for sustainable economic development and political stability of the Kyrgyz Republic. 

Prime Minister, First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Roads of the Kyrgyz Republic, for their part, expressed gratitude to the Interstate Aviation Committee, personally to T. Anodina and officials of the Interstate Council and IAC for continued attention and support to civil aviation of the Republic and appreciated the IAC work.

During the visit T. Anodina presented awards to heads and officials of the Ministry of Transport and Roads, Civil Aviation Agency and other structures of civil aviation due to 25th anniversary of civil aviation in the Kyrgyz Republic. 

The meetings were held in professional, constructive and friendly atmosphere.