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Information about the IAC Aviation Register activities completed by execution of approval documents

 Activities on certification of Major modifications of type design of previously certified aircraft owned by Diamond Aircraft Industries Company (Austria) have been completed:
- DV20 aircraft - Installation of Rotax 912S3 engine.
Supplemental type certificate № 134-DV20/D01 from December 19, 2009 was issued; 
- DА42 aircraft - DA42NG model implementation.
Supplemental type certificate № ST286-DA42/D01 from December 10, 2009 was issued; 
- DА42М aircraft - Extension of expected operating conditions (IFR operations).
Supplemental type certificate of limited category aircraft № STОК287-DA42М/D01 from December 10, 2009 was issued;
- НК-36ТС motor-glider - Installation of Rotax 912S3 engine.
Supplemental type certificate № 135-НК-36ТS/D02 from December 10, 2009 was issued. 

2. Activities on validation of manufacture approval at "Mig" Russian Aircraft Corporation, JSC was issued. 
Manufacture approval certificate № OP17-PVS from December 17, 2009 was issued. 

3. Activities on certification of Major Modification of type design of ST238-Тu-204-300/D05 have been completed - Installation of a new development phase of design service life to Tu-204-300 aircraft: 24000 flight hours within previously installed 4000 flight operations, calendar time 15 years. 
Supplemental type Certificate № ST238-Тu-204-300/D05 from December 12, 2009 was issued.