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Information about the IAC Aviation Register activities completed by execution of approval documents

1. Activities on validation of manufacture approval Certificate of components at "Zvezda" scientific-production enterprise (Tomilino, Moscow region, Russia) have been completed.
Manufacture approval Certificate № ОP37-PKI from November 30, 2009 was issued.

2. Activities on validation of components manufacture at “Orizon-navigation” State enterprise (Smela, Ukraine) have been completed.
Manufacture approval Certificate № ОP92-PKI from November 30, 2009 was issued. 

3. Activities on certification of major modification of Тu-204СЕ aircraft type design have been completed - Тu-204СЕ cargo aircraft upgrade - version of Тu-204-100С.
Supplemental type Certificate № ST233-Тu-204/D07 and environmental noise type Certificate № SSh170-Tу-204/D04 from December 1, 2009 were issued.

4. Activities on certification of Major modification of MTV-6-R propeller type design of MT-Propeller company (Germany) have been completed - Implementation of MTV-6-R-C-F/CF187-129 BB model.
Supplemental type Certificate № ST278-VV/D01 from December 2, 2009 was issued.