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About the meeting of Regional working group on implementing the Global Aviation Safety Roadmap

      On November 13, 2009 in the Inerstate Aviation Committee the meeting of the Regional working group on implementing the Global Aviation Safety Roadmap was held.
      For the purpose of preparing and helding the Summit on Global Flight Safety Roadmap initiated by IAC within the ICO-IAC Project the working group which included representatives of the ICAO, IAC, US FAA, Boeing Company, Airbus, as well as leading specialists of Aeroflot, Transaero, Volga-Dnepr airlines, Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, Non-Commercial Partnership "Flight Safety" was established. Since February 2009 the Working group has held monthly meetings resulting in successful Summit on Global Aviation Safety Roadmap that was attended by specialists of aviation authorities of the contracting states of the interstate Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace. Regional Direstor for the ICAO North-Atlantic office Mr. Karsten Theil was elected as the Summit Chairman. 
       Within the framework of the Summit the meetings of working groups on "Deficiencies in using safety management systems (SMS)" and "Problem of the lack of qualified aviaiton personnel" were held. Working groups discussed the process of the Roadmap development, designed resolution and a draft regional plan of Roadmap implementation for the coming year. 
       The Summit adopted the decision on holding further series of similar summits aimed on successive consideration of all 12 fields of the Roadmap, as well as on establishing permanent Regional working group of representatives of the member-states of the Agreement, organizations of the Roadmap developers and IAC.

       The Working group considered the following issues: 
1. Terms of holding the following Summit on Global Flight Safety Roadmap; 
2. Clauses of the Global Flight Safety Roadmap to be submitted to the next Summit;
3. Implementation of the decisions approved by the First Summit on Global Flight Safety Roadmap: 
3.1. development of "Regional Safety Management Manual";
3.2. organization of one-week training courses for specialists in flight safety management system for representatives of the member states of the Agreement in accordance with the letter of ICAO Secretary General AN12/52.1-08/70 from November 13, 2008 financed by ICAO IFFAS fund;
4. Consideration of the possibility of organizing the Workshop on Safety RIsk Assessment Model for operators jointly with US FAA and Boeing Company. 

        During the discussion of the issues raised the Working group decided to: 
1. Hold the nest Summit on Global Flight Safety Roadmap at the end of May 2010. 
2. Consider the clauses of the Global Flight Safety Roadmap at the next Summit:
- «Inadequate aircraft incident and accident investigation» (4);
- «Insufficient implementation of the best practices in the industry» (9);
- «Non-participation in the development and implementation of industry safety strategy» (10).