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About introducing the ammendment to the Certificate of Vnukovo International Airport

      On November 13, 2009 the Interstate Aviation Committee introduced the amendment to thre Certificate of Vnukovo International Airport to perform aircraft operations in adverse meteorological conditions of the ICAO category I,II at runway № 2 after completion of  activities on its reconstruction.
Runway reconstruction took place within the framework of implementing comprehensive programme on upgrading Vnukovo Airport.
      After reconstruction RWY № 2 is capable of taking almost all types of modern aircraft in adverse meteorological conditions of the ICAO category I, II. 
      The runway is equipped with modern radio lightening facilities which apart from SP-90 landing system equipment of Russian manufacture of Chelyabinsk Radio Plant includes foreign lightening equipment of ADB company manufactured in Belgium.  
      Commissioning of a new runway jointly with new passenger terminals will enable to significantly increase passenger service comfort, safety and regularity of aircraft operations placing Vnukovo Airport among the largest modern airtransport hubs, which form the basis for main aerodrome network in Russia and will undoubtedlly enhance the attractiveness of Vnukovo for Russian and foreign airlines.
      During certification at Vnukovo Airport the IAC specialists carried out work on checking the compliance with requirements of radiotechnical, lightening, meteorological, emergency equipment and power supply systems for airport facilities. Evenness, condition and bearing capacity of unprepared fields, obstacles effect at aerodrome environs were carried out. 
       Based on positive results of activities on assessing aerodrome suitability for operation the Interstate Aviation Committee took decision to introduce the amendment to the Certificate for Vnukovo AIrport for operations at ICAO category I, II at RWY № 2.