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Information about the IAC Aviation Register activities completed by execution of approval documents

Activities on validation of maintenance organisation Certificate issued to AIRFREIGHT AVIATION LIMITED Company (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates) have been completed for:
- overhaul of Mi-8Т, Мi-8П, Мi-8PS, Мi-8МТV-1 helicopters;
- modification of seperate (single) prorotypes of Mi-8Т, Мi-8P, Мi-8PS, Мi-8МТ (Мi-17), Мi-8АМТ (Мi-171), Мi-8МТV-1 (Ми-17-1V) helicopters according to the documentation of the Designer (in accordance with the Directive letter AR IAC № 4-2002).
Maintenance organisation Certificate SPR-77 from October 30, 2009 was issued.