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About the meeting of the IAC Chairperson T. Anodina with the President of the Republic of Armenia S. Sargasyan

     As part of the working visit to the Republic of Armenia on October 28-29, 2009 the meeting of the Interstate Aviation Committee Chairperson Tataiana Anodina with the President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargasyan was held.
     During the meeting the sides discussed the development of civil aviation of Armenia and the region of the CiS States based on the Main directions of civil aviation development of the States of the region and measures on flight safety improvement adopted by the heads of the governments.
     The President of the Republic of Armenia stressed the commitment to multilateral collaboration carried out within the framework of the interstate Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace and noted the efficiency of the IAC as internationally recognized professional organization in the field of aviation. In this context the importance for the Republic of Armenia of deepening collaboration with IAC in the field of harmonization of aviation legislation with international standards, independent investigation, aviation specialists training was emphasized.
      The President expressed gratitude to the Interstate Aviation Committee for the range of activities in the interests of the Republic of Armenia on certification of aircraft equipment.
      During the visit the IAC Chairperson carried out working meetings with the authority of the General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia (GDCA). IAC experts were familiarized with long-term plans of the development of civil aviation infrastructure in the Republic of Armenia, new terminals of Zvartnots Airport, complex of air traffic control systems and facilities, and also training programs for flight personnel. 
The meeting of the IAC specialists with managers of Armavia Airlines was held during which the information on plans of airline development and mastering of new aviation equipment was presented.
      The issues of implementation of joint programs on flight safety and coordination of cooperation with international civil aviation organizations - ICAO, IATA, and others were discussed.
      The authority of the civil aviation of the Republic of Armenia expressed gratitude for aviation specialists training within the framework of the current ICAO-IAC project, and as well as the development of a system of operational aviation regulations within the framework of the project that directly contributed to positive assessment of the ICAO flight safety audit.
      The efficiency of the IAC work in the interest of Armenia and the states of the region was noted, and also the ways of further mutually beneficial cooperation were outlined.