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About the results of the annual meeting of independent transport investigation bodies

     At the annual meeting of independent transport investigation bodies within International Transport Safety Association (ITSA), Transport Safety Board of Canada (TSBC) presented materials of comparative analysis of its activity with activity of similar organisations of the USA (NTSB) and Australia (ATSB). The work was was performed by Synerma Company, one of the leaders in corporate management consulting. 
    One of the comparative indicators of work efficiency was the number of days spent on the preparation of one report. The statistics for the average time taken to prepare one aviation incident report are shown below: 
- USA – 418 days;
- Canada – 493 days;
- Аustralia – 478 days.
     Separately, it was noted that the average time for preparation reports on major incidents which should be approved by the Board leaders is 624 days, while for events with GA aircraft which occur more than 2000 per year the avarage time is 211 days.    
     Analysis of statistical data for the last 5 years for the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) showed that the investigation of accidents with aircraft of 1-3 classes takes on average 255 days, for aircraft of class 4 - 161 days, for helicopters - 180 days, and for events with GA aircraft - 104 days.