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Information about the IAC Aviation Register activities completed by execution of approval documents

     Activities on qualification of automatic stationary radio beacon АРМ-406НХ designed by Research Institute of Space Instrumentation - FSUE "RNII KP" (Moscow, Russia) have been completed.
Componenet airworthiness Certificate № SGKI-023-256-АРМ-406НХ from September 30, 2009 was issued. 
     Radio beacon is designed for:
- transmission of a radio signal through artificial earth satellites of the "COSPAS-SARSAT" system at the station for receiving and processing information of distress signals at a frequency of 406 MHz, which determines the coordinates of the aircraft involved in the accident and its belonging to particular consumer; 
- drive to the accident site of search and rescue equipment when operating at 121.5 MHz;
      The radio beacon is activated by the remote control initiated by the crew or automatically by the overload sensor.