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About issuing by EASA of the limited category type Certificate for An-26 and An-26B aircraft

      On September 28, 2009 European Aviation Safety Agency issued limited category type Certificate EASA.IM.351 for An-26 and An-26B cargo aircraft designed by Antonov Aeronautical Scientific-Technical Complex (Kiev, Ukraine). 
      The Type Certificate issued by EASA enables further operation of the given aircraft in EU states. 
The aircraft certification process in EASA was carried out within the framework of the Agreement of mutual recognition of airworthiness standards and facilitation of aviation equipment certification procedures signed by EASA and IAC on July 16, 2004. 
      The issuance of the Type Certificate completed a large amount of activities carried out jointly by EASA and IAC and aviation authorities of Ukraine which included the study of An-26 aircraft operation practice, preparation and approval of convincing documents to meet the requirements of EASA certification basis, evidence of An-26 aircraft compliance with fail-safe requirements.