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About Coordinating Council Session on aviation specialists training

      On September 24-25, 2009 the Coordinating Council regular meeting on aviation specialists training was held in the Interstate Aviaiton Committee.
      Representatives of aviation authorities, higher and secondary educational institutions and civil aviation training centers from 7 states (Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Kyrgyz republic, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Russian Federation and Ukraine) took part in the Counicil's work.
      The Council meeting addressed the current issues related to:
- development of professional educational programs to ensure common approaches and implementation of rules and procedures in training aviation specialists of the required competence level;
- implementation of the provisions of Bologna Declaration taking into account special aspects of aviation specialists training in civil aviation educational institutions;
- development of programs on implementation of the innovative project "Electronic educational resources" in educational institutions, etc.
     14 reports were presented at the Council meeting in accordance with the agenda.
     The participants of the meeting expressed support for the work carried out in educational institutions on development of uniform requirements for professional educational programs on aviation specialists training and the need to coordinate efforts to harmonize aviation rules regulating aviation specialists training.