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Information about activities of the IAC Aviation Register completed by execution of approval documents

     1. Activities on validation of maintenance organisation Certificate of Saint-Petersburg "Krasny Oktyabr" JSC have been completed.
     Maintenance orgsnisation Certificate № SPR-19 from December 20, 2013 was issued.

     2. Activities connected with issuance of Export airworthiness certificate for RRJ-95B aircraft, serial number 95031 for delivery to Indonesia have been completed.
     Export airworthiness certificate № ESLG-175 from December 17, 2013 was issued.

     3. Activities on validation of manufacture approval Certificate at Kharkov Aircraft Manufacturing Enterprise (Kharkov, Ukraine) have been completed. 
     Manufacture approval Certificate № ОP19-PVS from December 19, 2013 was issued.

     4. Activities on certification of Major modifications of DA 40 D aircraft type design, Models DA 40 D and DA 40 NG - Modification MAM 40-493 have been completed - Program of simplified maintenance and Modification МAM 40-638 - Enhanced maintenance limitations under low outside air-to-ground temperatures (only for model DA 40 NG).
     Supplemental type Certificate № SТ285-DA 40D/D04 from December 17, 2013 was issued.

     5. Activities on validation of manufacture approval Certificate at "Ufa aggregate enterprise" JSC (Ufa, Russia) have been completed.
     Manufacture approval Certificate № ОP58-PD from December 27, 2013 was issued.

     6. Activities on qualification of 20 KH-4 electrical battery designed by "NIIKHIT pilot factory" (Saratov, Russia) have been completed. 
     Component airworthiness Certificate SGKI-024-305-20КН-4 from December 23, 2013 was issued.

     7. Activities on certification of Major modification of Tu-214 aircraft type design have been completed - Application of "Hexcel" company prepreg in Tu-214 aircraft wing devices and tail structure.
     Supplemental type Certificate № SТ196-Тu-214D14 from December 24, 2013 was issued.