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About introduction of amendments to the Certificate of Vnukovo airport for the ICAO grade II operations

     Based on evaluation of aerodrome operational status activity results the Interstate Aviation Committee introduced amendments to Vnukovo aerodrome Certificate for the ICAO grade II operations at RWY-1 after completion of activities on its reconstruction. 
     Runway reconstruction was held within the framework of Vnukovo aerodrome upgrade comprehensive programme implementation.  
     After reconstruction RWY-1 comply with "B" grade in domestic regulations and "4F" index in the ICAO international standards. The RWY length was extended up to 3500 meters and it is able to receive all aircraft types according to its performance. 
     The RWY is equipped with the most advanced radio lighting facilities which besides SP-200.1 landing system facilities manufactured by "NIIT-RTS" CJSC (Chelyabinsk) includes lighting facilities of ADB company (Belgium), Terma Radar Systems (Denmark) Terma Scanter 2001 aerodrome control radar and A-300 data processing system of Hitt Traffic company (Holland). 
     New runway and new equipment deployment will significantly develop aircraft operational safety and upgrade flight regularity, bringing Vnukovo airport into line with the largest modern air transportation centers (hubs) which provide the basis of aerodrome control network of Russia and enhance the attractiveness of Vhukovo airport for Russian and foreign airlines. 
     During certification at Vnukovo airport the Committee carried out many activities to validate for compliance with certification requirements of radiotechnical, lighting, meteorological, emergency equipment, aerodrome objects power supply systems. Evaluation of paved runway condition, effect of obstacles at aerodrome environs were carried out.