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About signing of the Agreement with People's Rebublic of China

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     The signing of the Agreement "Implementation procedures in the field of design, manufacturing activity, operational airworthiness approval, engineering collaboration between aviation authorities and activity after design approval period was held within the framework of an official visit to the Russian Federation of the Premier of the State Council of the PRC and signing of intergovernmental agreements in the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) headquaters on October 13, 2014.
      The President of the Interstate Council on Aviation, the IAC Chairperson - Dr. Tatiana Anodina and directors of the IAC Aviation Register, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, China Civil aviation authority management and directors of science and aviation industry of Russia ("UAK" JSC, "TsAGI named after Zhukovsky", "Sukhoi Cvil Aircraft" CJSC, "Russian helicopters" JSC, "The Union of aviation industrialists" NPO and others) took part in the signing procedure.
     Specified procedures ensure further development of previously signed Agreement on flight safety upgrading and prepared within the framework of the Russian-Chinese subcommission on collaboration in the field of civil aviation and civil aircraft manufacturing.
      Mutual acquaintance with systems of type certification of aviation equipment, its manufacture and airworthiness including activities on certification of types of aircraft, helicopters and aircraft engines has been held during Procedures preparation by authorized IAC and Civil Aviation Authority of China.
     Within the framework of these activities aviation enterprisers of Russia and China familiarized authorized certification bodies with current practice of development and certification of aviation equipments and its manufacture.
      Procedures signing is the result of long-term collaboration in the field of flight safety and aviation-manufacturing industry and it will significantly decrease administrative and financial burden on aviation and lease enterprises and aviation industry of both countries as well based on mutual export/import of civil aviation equipment. This Agreement will contribute to further cooperation deepening in designing, manufacturing and mutual use of aviation industry products that corresponds to economic and innovative-technological interests of the Member States of the Agreement in the field of civil aviation.  
      The discussion of the collaboration progress in various fields of aircraft safety and airworthiness, the ICAO standards implementation on flight safety and aviation security, accidents investigation and prevention first of all and other fields as well was held during the PRC delegation visit to the IAC.
      In conclusion T. Anodina paraphrased famous chinese poem: "Aviation as crane is striving upward as if it imitates our high aspirations". And together with our chinese friends and aviation community we will raise international community in the field of aviation and industrial coopeation to new height based on scientific and technological achievments".
The meeting was held in warm and friendly atmosphere in the spirit of highly professional, constructive dialogue and further strengthening of friendship and mutually benificial cooperation. In conclusion T. Anodina gave her consent for return official visit to the People's Republic of China.