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About issuance of type Certificate to "Monitor Soft" LLC

     The IAC Commission on crtification of aerodromes and equipment completed its activity on certification of the manufacturer of claimed equipment for aerodromes and air routes of "Monitor Soft" limited liability company (hereinafter "Monitor Soft" LLC) and on July 25, 2014 issued 3 years validity: 
      - Certificate № 113 for manufacture of "Monitor-3" IRAN.465630.100 automated workstation;
      - Certificate № 274 for manufacture of "Monitor" IRAN.465616.200-01 message switching center;
      - Certificate № 374 for manufacture of "Monitor-АМНS" IRAN.465616.003 switching center;
      - Certificate № 375 for manufacture of "Monitor-client-АМНS» IRAN.465634.001 automated work station;
      - Certificate № 376 for manufacture of IRAN.466453.011 automation technology complex of airspace management.

     Additional information is available at:
     "Monitor Soft" LLC
     59, Varshavkoye highway, Moscow 115230, Russia
     Tel/fax (495)556-45-95, E-mail: monitor@monitorsoft.ru