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About the investigation progress of the fatal accident with B-777 9M-MRD aircraft

     Activities on inspection, opening and copying of flight recorders data of B-777 9M-MRD aircraft operated by "Malaysian airlines" were held in Britain Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB) laboratory on July 23...24. Representatives of the ICAO, Germany, Malaysia, Ukraine and Interstate Aviation Committee took part in work as well which at the request of Dutch Safety Board (DSB) commission Chairman and the ICAO recommendation was held by experts from Great Britain and France. During inspection procedure it was determined that flight recorders have insignificant mechanical damage which didn't damage the storage unit integrity. There are no traces of opening and unauthorized access to flight recorders content. Successful copying of all regustered data, which validity was confirmed by experts after derigging of flight recorders storage units and their connection to laboratory units. At present the quality evaluation of cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and flight data redorder (FDR) data is initiated in order to present information to the Investigation team.