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Appeal of the IAC Chairman Tatiana Anodina

     The Chairman of the Interstate Aviation Committee Dr. Tatiana Anodina, Laureate of the United Nations (ICAO) E. Warner Award submitted the following appeal to the Council president and the ICAO Secretary General: 
      "The Interstate Aviation Committee took with deep grief the fatal accident with Boeing-777 aircraft operated by Malaysia Airlines resulted in numerous fatalities and mourns with the aviation worldwide. Please convey the deepest condolences to the Council members in connection with this greatest tragedy.     
      The IAC has always acted in accordance with the ICAO international norms and standards, ICAO-IAC Memoandum signed by the Council President and the Secretary General, as well as international agreements and treaties with 80 states worldwide and international organisations.  
      The Interstate Aviation Commitee proceeds from the assumption that the investigation should be conducted in accordance with the Annex 13 of the Chicago Convention of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). 
      The Interstate Aviation Committee consideres that in such complicated situation in the area of the fatal accident with Boeing-777 aircraft it is necessary to establish under authority of the ICAO the international investigation commission of the fatal accident with Boeing -777 and transmission of flight recorders, so called "black boxes" in order to study them under this international organisation supervision.  
      As the regional international organisation in the field of flight safety and accident impartial investigation and having extensive practice in accident investigation in more than 70 countries worldwide we are ready to provide professional assistance".
      The IAC once again confirms the need of establishing intenational commission under the ICAO authorirty with participation of experts and international regional organisations for impartial and independent investigation and ascertainining causes of this major fatal accident with 298 fatalities including large number of children, development of necessary measures to prevent such fatal accidents and making the investigation results avaliable to the public.  
      The IAC experts are ready to participate in the international commission activity.