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About issuance of type Certificate to "PELENG" CJSC

      The Commission on certification of aerodromes and equipment of the Interstate Aviation Committee completed its activity on certification of the manufacturer of the claimed equipment for aerodromes and air routes of "PELENG" closed-joint stock company (hereinafter - "PELENG" CJSC) and issued 3 years validity:
      - Certificate № 12 for manufacture of radar signal processing equipment «KORS» ИЛЮБ.468910.001;
      - Certificate № 211 for manufacture of time system equipment «TAHION» КАЯЦ.461211.002 (in construction ИЛЮБ.467882.001);
      - Certificate № 262 for manufacture of hardware and software system «Information server» ИЛЮБ.465632.003-01;
      - Certificate № 360 for manufacture of multiple channel radar and voice data automatic recording system «СМАR-Т» ИЛЮБ.467660.000-01.

      Additional information is available at:
     litera M, building 10, Marshal Blucher avenue, 12, Sait-Petersburg, 195197, Russia.
     Tel/fax (812)545-28-50, 543-45-02, E-mail: mail@peleng.ru