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About issuance of type Certificates to "NITA" LLC

     The Commission on certification of aerodromes and equipment of the Interstate Aviation Committee completed its activity on certification of the manufacturer of the claimed equipment for aerodromes and air routes of "New Information Technologies" LLC (hereinafter - "NITA" LLC) and on April 25, 2014 issued 3 years validity:
      - Certificate № 361 for manufacturer of time dissementation system for synchronization of "Metronom" ATM system equipment НКПГ.466459.002;
      - Certificate № 362 for manufacture of ATM experts universal remotes of «Pult-А» НКПГ.469518.001 series;
      - Certificate № 363 for manufacture of radar, direction finding, voice and control data transmission faclilities system «Ladoga» НКПГ.465616.001;
      - Certificate № 364 for manufacture of air navigation planning automation facilities system «Planeta» НКПГ.466453.001;
      - Certificate № 365 for manufacture of multichannel aural signals and radar data recording system ("Granit" recorder) НКПГ.466459.001;
      - Certificate № 366 for manufacture of flight information display system at digital raster monitors «NORD» НКПГ.466452.001;
      - Certificate № 367 for manufacture of air navigation control automation facilities «Аlfa» НКПГ.466451.001;
      - Certificate № 368 for manufacture of Voice Communication System "Megafon" НКПГ.465235.001;
      - Certificate № 369 for manufacture of air navigation planning automation facilities system «Planeta-5» НКПГ.466453.008.

     Additional reference information is available at:
     "NITA" LLC
     Vzletnaya str, 15 "A", Saint-Petersburg, 196210, Russia.
     Tel/fax (812)331-98-40, 331-24-05, E-mail: office@nita.ru