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About the meeting of the ICAO EUR Regional Expert Safety Team (IE REST)

      The third meeting of the ICAO EUR Regional Expert Safety Team (IE-REST) is held in the Interstate Aviation Committee on April 22-25, 2014. 
      The first two days included the subgroup workshop seminars on flight safety data collection, classification and analysis and subgroup on RWY safety. During IE-REST group general meeting from April 24-25 the group work results will be outlined and the further work efforts will be coordinated.  
      Within the framework of the group proceedings initiated at the 1st meeting in Moscow and continued at the 2nd meeting in Kishinev last year the initiatives in the field of flight safety approved by the region states at the ICAO European and North Atlantic Office (EUR/NAT RASG-EUR) are developped. These initiatives implementation is currently being started under the suppport of CIS states civil aviation authorities and other region states, international organisations (IATA, IFALPA, EUROCONTROL и др.), air navigation services providers, airlines and aircraft manufacturers. More than 60 specialists from 15 countries and 9 international and regional organisations participate in the meeting.
      The meeting is the continued growing IAC-ICAO cooperation and it will ensure additional support for initiatives promotion in the field of flight safety.