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Information on the IAC Aviation Register activities completed by execution of approval documents

      1. Activities on validation of maintenance organisation Certificate at "20 aircraft repair plant" (Pushkin town, Russia) have been carried out.
      Maintenance organisation Certificate № SPR-16 from March 28, 2014 was issued.

      2. Activities on certification of Major modification of Ka-32A11BC helicopter type design have been completed - Installation of onboard aeral collission prevention system of TCAS class Honeywell KTA 970/KMH 980 company.
      Suppplemental type Certificate № 36-32А/D13 from March 31, 2014 was issued. 

      3. Activities on validation of manufacture approval Certificate at "SPC "SRI Mikropriborov" JSC (Moscow, Russia) have been carried out.
      Manufacture approval Certificate № OP117-PKI from March 1, 2014 was issued.

      4. Activities on qualification of AL-MP (ML) Antenna designed by "NPP "Polet" JSC have been completed.
      Component product airworthiness Certificate № SGKI -023-309-Ак-МP(МL) from April 4, 2014 was issued.

      5. Activities connected with Export airworthiness Certificate for RRJ-95B aircraft serial number 95048 for delivery to Italy have been completed.
      Export airworthiness certificate № ESLG-180 from April 4, 2014 was issued.