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About issuance of type Certificate to "VNIIRA" JSC

     The Commission on certification of aerodromes and equipment of the Interstate Aviation Committe (the IAC Commission) carried out the range of activities on certification of wide area multilateration (MLAT) "Mera" RShPI.461515.004 of "All Russian scientific Research Institute of radio equipment" ("VNIIRA" JSC).
      Based on the positive results of certification tests the IAC Commission took decision to issue type Certificate № 618 for "Mera" wide area multilateration to "All Russian scientific Reseaarch Institute of radio equipment" joint-stock company.

      Additional reference information is available at:
      "VNIIRA" joint-stock company
      19, Shkipersky protok, Saint-Petersburg, 199106, Russia.
      Tel/fax: +7 812 352 37 55, +7 812 352 37 48, E-mail: info@vniira.ru.