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Information on activities of the IAC Aviation Register completed by execution of approval documents

      1. Activities on certification Major modification of RRJ-95 aircraft type design (RRJ-95В and RRJ-95 LR-100 models) have been completed - Introduction of Master Minimum Equipment List into operational documentation, Eddition 4.
      Supplemental type certificate № СТ322- RRJ-95/Д22 from March 19, 2014 was issued.

      2. Activities on certification of Major modification of RRJ-95 (model RRJ-95B) aircraft type design have been completed - Extension of flight operation conditions in RNAV1 and P-RNAV area coverage navigation systems.
      Supplemental type certificate № СТ322- RRJ-95/Д23 from March 19, 2014 was issued.

      3. Activities on validation of Certificate on manufacture approval at ""Production association "Polet" - Federal State Unitary enterprise Branch of "Krubnichev state research and production space center" (Omsk, Russia) have been carried out.
      Manufacture approval Certificate № ОП51-ПВС/ПКИ from March 21, 2014 was issued.

      4. Activities on validation of Maitenance organisation at "Rostov civil aviation plant № 142" JSC have been carried out (Rostov-on-Don, Russia).
      Maintenance organisation Certificate № СПР-17 from March 24, 2014 was issued.

      5. Activities on approval of aviation materials at "PO "OSCAR" LLC (Nikopol, Ukraine) have been completed.
      Aviation materials manufacture Certificate № CПМ-32/1 from March 24, 2014 was issued.