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About issuance of type Certificates to "Monitor Soft" LLC

      The Commission on certification of aerodromes and equipment of the Interstate Aviation Committee (the IAC Commission) carried out the range of activities on certification of  "Monitor-AMHS" switching center IRAN.465616.003 and «Monitor-client-AMHS» automated workstation IRAN.465634.001 of "Monitor-Soft" Limited liability company.
      Based on positive results of the certification tests the IAC Commission took decision to issue to "Monitor Soft" Limited liability company: 
      - Certificate type № 607 for «Monitor-AMHS» switching cernter IRAN.465616.003;
      - Certificate type № 608 for «Monitor-client-AMHS» workstation IRAN.465634.001.
      Compulsory limitations and maintenance instructions contatin maintenance documentation specified in Certificates limitations.
      Special limitations are introduced to «Monitor-AMHS» switching center IRAN.465616.003:
      • «Monitor-AMHS» switching center is connected with AMHS related center in asian region on ATN/OSI transport protocol by ATN router of «AirTel ATN Transport Server» or «ProATN» type if it is avaliable;
      • «Monitor-AMHS» switching center can be used fom + 10 °С to + 35 °С environment temperature.
      Special limitation is introcuced to «Monitor-client-AMHS» automated workstation IRAN.465634.001: АРМ «Monitor-client-AMHS» equipment can be used from +10 °С to +35 °С environment temperature.

      Additional information is available at:
      "Monitor Soft" LLC
      building 1, Varshavskoye highway, 59, Moscow, 115230, Russia
      Tel/fax: +7(495) 556-45-95.