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About issuance of type Certificate to "LOMO METEO" LLC

     The Commission on certification of aerodromes and equipment of the Interstate Aviation Commission (the IAC Commission) carried out the range of activities on certification of ML-LM VTD-BU meteorological system МЕSP.416311.005 of "LOMO LMETEO" Limited liability company.
      Baed on positive results of the certification tests the IAC Commission issued Certificate type № 613 for МK-LM VTD-BU МЕSP.416311.005 meteorological systems and its versions TD-D-BU МЕSP.416311.005-01; V-BU MESP.416311.005-02; VTD MESP.416311.005-03 and D-BU МЕSP.416311.005-04.
     MK-LM compulsory limitations and maintenance instructions contain operational documentation specified in Certificate Limitations. 
      Additional information is avaliable at:
      "LOMO METEO" Limited liability company,
      20, Chugunnaya str, Saint-Petersburg, 194044, Russia.
      tel.: (812) 542-73-95; fax: (812) 295-53-43.