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About the IAC Aviation Register work

     The IAC Aciation register under its authority considered the range of issues on flight safety taking into account the analysis of incidents with aircraft, engines operated by the contracting states of the Agreement.
      Due to the incidents with GE90-115B and PW 4090 engines installed at aicraft operated by Russian Airlines the IAC Aviation Register considers the advisability of suspension of the type Certificates issued by the IAC Aviation Register during these engines validation.
      The IAC Aviation Register due to appeals of Federal Air Transport Agency and Rostransnadzor regarding the stabilizer substructure disclosed defect at Tu-204 aircraft in a number of foreign and Russian Airlines take necessary measures within its authority including the advisibility of suspension of the Certificate for these aircraft manufacture.
      Due to the appeal of the Director of Federal Air Transport Agency on significant increase in number of incidents with RRJ-95B aircraft the IAC directed its appeal to UAK on issues connected with these aircraft safe operation and lack of results on incidents investigation held by Federal Air Transport Agency with participation of concerned organisations. The IAC Aviation Register consideres this issue under its authority on aircraft, engine of their manufacture.