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Informartion on the IAC Aviation Register activities completed by execution of approval documents

      1. Activities on manufacture approval of AW139 helicopter designed by AgustaWestland at «Heli Vert» CJSC (Tomilino village, Moscow region, Russia) have been carried out.
      Manufacture approval Certificate № OP139-PVS from January 9, 2014 was issued. 

      2. Activities on validation of manufacture approval Certificate at "RSK "MiG" JSC (Moscow, Russia) have been completed.
      Manufacture aproval Certificate № OP17-PVS from January 10, 2014 was issued. 

      3. Activities on certification of Major modification of ТВ3-117ВМА-СБМ1В aircraft main engine type design have been completed - Implementation of continous power mode (Ne=2800 horse power) with one engine out during 60 minutes.
      Supplemental type Certificate № ST267-АМD/D08 from January 14, 2014 was issued.

      4. Activities on validation of aircraft materials Certificate at "Matallurgical plant Electrostal" JSC (Electrostal, Russia) have been completed. Issued:
      - Aircraft materials manufacture Certificate № SPM-23/2 from January 20, 2014;
      - Authorization for aircraft materials manufacture № RPM-23/2 from January 20, 2014.