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About the Coordinating Council session on training for aviation specialists of the Member States of the Agreement

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     In accordance with the plan of the main activities from 1-4 July, 2015 on the basis of educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic the regular meeting on the Coordinating Council of the Interstate Aviation Committee on training for aviation specialists of the Member States of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace was held.
     The representatives of aviation authorities, high and secondary educational institutions, aviation training centers of the Member States of the Agreement participated in the Council work.
     The meeting representatives paid the main attention to discussion of the following issues:
      • Urgency of aviation specialists training taking into account common European requirements. 
      • Implementation of flight safety control system by providers of educational services.
      • Updating of regulatory, legal and training documentation as a factor of upgrading the quality of aviation specialists training.
      • Harmonized educational and professional standards development in the Member States of the Agreement.
      • Cooperation of enterprises and educational institutions for school organisation and management based on the modern technological base.
      • Upgrading of training programs taking into account the accident investigation results.
      • Upgrading of training and retraing activity, refresher training of teaching staff and apprentice training instructors.
      • Using remote technologies in educational process.
      The meeting results were fixed in Coordinating Council Decision aimed at the improvement of training for civil aviation specialists of the Commonwealth states.
The Interstate Aviation Committee expresses gratitude to the "Kyrgyzaeronavigation" enterprise administration and all participants as well for successful Council meeting.