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About participation in the 71st annual IATA Conference

      At the invitation of the IATA Director General (International Air Transport Association) Tony Tyler the delegation of the interstate Aviation Committee visited the 71st Annual IATA conference which was held in Miami (USA). In Montreal in 1994 the IAC signed the cooperation agreement with this organisation which includes 300 airlines performing 94 international operations.   
      1000 representatives of the world civil aviation industry participated in the summit meeting. The heads of airlines, representatives of the regional aviation organisations and manufacturers (83% of the world aviation traffic). Miami was symbolically chosen as the nearest to Gavana centre where in 1945 the IATA was established. The issues connected with aviation transport safety, aviation industry stability in this economically difficult time, necessity of more loyal cooperation of airlines and aircraft manufacturers with international organisations and governments.
     The next IATA conference will take place in Dublin, on July 1-3, 2016.