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About the meeting of the ICAO European regional expert safety team

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     5th meeting of the ICAO European regional expert safety team (IE-REST/05) was held in the Interstate Aviation Committee on May 19-20, 2015.  70 specialists from 13 states and 6 international and regional organisations took part in the meeting.
      Within the framework of the meeting on May 19 this year the workshops of the groups were held on the following topics: the ICAO universal safety approach program USOAP CMA, pilots training IE-PTG, accidents reports presentation and taxonomy IE-TSG, flight data analysis IE-FDG. 
      On the second day of the meeting the following issues were considered: RWY safety IE-RSG, terms of reference of helicopters safety group IE-HOST TOR.
      During the meeting the group results were approved and the further ways of the initiatives implementation to improve flight safety at the regional level were presented. The final report publication is planned on June 2015.
      More information about the European regional expert safety team is available at the web-site of the European and North Atlantic ICAO Office (http://www.icao.int/ESAF/AFI-Aviation-Week/Pages/default.aspx).