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About the workshop «Aspects of flight operation effecting the safety»

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     Within the framework of the ICAO-IAC RER/01/901 "Flight safety and continued airworthiness" regional project implementation three-day workshop "Flight safety and continued airworthiness" was held in the Interstate Aviation Committee with the assistance of Airbus on April 21-23 this year. More than 150 aviation specialists, aviation authorities and operators of the Azerbaijan Republic, Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tajikistan and the USA FAA specialists participated in the workshop.      
      The Airbus specialists presented the reports on: rear-end impact prevention and overrun during take-off: ensuring successful take-off; aborted take-off; taking decision about rejecting or continuing take-off; overrun prevention during landing: factors contributing to overrun during landing; using correct breaking aids.   
      During discussion the speakers answered the questions of aviation authorities and operators representatives.
      The following issues were considered during the second day: prevention of rear-end impact/touchdown; piloting techniques: non-stabilized approach; piloting and landing techniques in cross-wind and turbulence conditions; RWY overrun; go-around (HR), controlled flight into terrain (CFIT), loss of control (LOC); training issues; human factor and flight crew management.
      After presentation the reports were brought up for discussion.
      At the final day the following reports were presented: flight data analysis and transmission of messages regarding flight safety: flight data analysis, the best practices; transmission of messages; advantages of messages transmission.  
      At the end of the workshop all participants were given certificates.