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About issuance of the type Certificate to Chelyabinsk radio plant "Polet" JSC

     The Commission on certification of aerodromes and equipment of the Interstate Aviation Committee (the IAC Commission) carried out the range of activities on certification of aerodrome surveillance radar AORL-1AM EL.1.231.020-22 of "Chelyabinsk radio plant "Polet" JSC ("CHRZ "Polet" JSC).
     According to the positive results of certification tests the IAC Commission took the decision to issue № 646 type Certificate for aerodrome surveillance radar AORL-1AM EL.1.231.020-22 of EL.1.231.020-22.01 - EL1.231.020-22.04 versions to "Chelyabinsk radio plant "Polet" JSC ("CHRZ "Polet" JSC).  
     Compulsory limitations and maintenance instruction AORL-1AM EL1.231.020-22 of EL1.231.020-22.01-EL1.231.020-22.04 versions contain maintenance documentation specified in the Limitation to the Certificate.  
      Additional reference information is available at:
     "Chelyabinsk radar plant "Polet" joint-stock company
      6, Ternopolskaya street, Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia
      Tel/fax: +7 351 263 53 33, +7 351 265 65 45, e-mail: chrz@polyot.ru