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About the workshop on aircraft deicing

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      Within the framework of ICAO-IAC RER/01/901 "Development of operational safety and continuing airworthiness" regional project implementation two-day workshop on aircraft deicing with the assistance of Airbus/ATR and Domodedovo a/p was held on March 4-5 this year.
      150 representatives from 150 aviation authorities, leading operators and airports of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation and Republic of Tajikistan and the USA FAA specialists took part in the workshop.     
      At the first day of the workshop in the Interstate Aviation Committee within the framework of the Project the leading aviation specialists presented the new document "Methodological recommendations on protection from ground icing". Besides materials on long-term analysis of flight safety Airbus specialists made presentation of the report on personnel aircraft deicing training and presented advanced de-icing technologies under the air temperatures below -450°C (the experience of the USE and Canada at Alaska).
      CIA and GA SRDI studied the aspects of scientific research of aircraft operation in ground icing encounter at different types of aircraft, as well as corresponding regulatory documentation.
      The practical part of the workshop was held in Domodedovo a/p at the second day. The workshop participants studied the aircraft de-icing procedure and visited the Central refueling station and oil and lubricants laboratory.  
      The workshop participants stated that today Domodedovo a/p is the leader in using aircraft de-icing technologies in Russia and CIS. The airport achievements in this field are of a great value for aviation industry of the country. It is important that much attention is focused on specialists training. So the created training base allow to practice the innovative approach to anti-/de-icing. The airport specialists experience should be of the highest priority in the development of aircraft de-icing procedures, and advanced technologies in Domodedovo a/p should be the guideline for implementation in other region airports.    
      After the workshop the following decisions were taken:
      - approve methodological recommendations on aircraft protection from icing and take them as a basis for the development of national manuals in airlines and airports of a region;
      - present the developed by CAST-CIS group methodological recommendations on aircraft protection from ground icing at the Interstate Council meeting and ASM for further implementation in the practice of the Member States of the Agreement;
      - continue work on upgrading recommendations and plan their studying in the latter half of the year.
      At the end of the workshop the certificates were given to all participants.