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About International Conference on medical support of flight safety

     International Conference on medical supply of flight safety and 35th meeting of Coordinating Advisory Aeromedical Council of the Interstate Aviation Committee (CAAC IAC) was held in the Interstate Aviation Committee on October 26-27, 2015.
    The meeting main subject considered harmonization and coordination of action plans in case of emergency situations in the field of epidemic airport availability in the framework of Cooperative Arrangement for the Prevention of Communicable Disease Through Air Travel (CAPSCS) mechanism as well as the development of system for the assessment and management of occupational risks of health disorder of workers in civil aviation and the arrangement of comprehensive measures to upgrade methodology and technology of healthcare aimed at reduction of aviation specialists sick-rate in order to improve flight safety and aviation enterprises working environment.
    Regional heads of aeronautical systems and CAPSCA Regional coordinator of the ICAO European and North Atlantic Office, authorized representatives of Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Armenia,  Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan Republic, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Russian Federation, leading airlines, scientific, educational and medical institutions of CIS took part in CAAC.
    The importance and significance of CAPSCA issues implementation was noted by the conference participants. Sarantis Polimenakos - CAPSCA Regional coordinator of the ICAO European and North Atlantic Office stressed that taking into account the long term and fruitful cooperation of IAC-ICAO and Member States of the Agreement there is a very good reason to improve cooperation in the field of medical support of flight safety, development and implementation of global-regional cooperation to prevent and monitor events in the field of civil aviation public healthcare. 
    Based on the results of the Conference and CAAC the IAC took Decisions aimed at improving medical and sanitary support of flight safety, upgrading the skills of aviation medical doctors of the Commonwealth.