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About 12th Session of Air Navigation Coordinating Commission

12th Session of Air Navigation Coordinating Commission was held in the Interstate Aviation Committee on 10-12 November 2015. Representatives of the Member States of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace from Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Armenia, Belarus Republic, the Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Turkmenistan and Republic of Uzbekistan as well as heads and officers of leading scientific research organisations and organizations of Russian industry participated in the meeting work.         

 The agenda of Air Navigation Coordinating Commission embraced a wide range of issues: 

    - about the progress of the ICAO programs implementation regarding the flight safety monitoring in airspace with RVSM;
    - contingency plan implementation in states;
    - human factor to ensure flight safety within ATM;
    - about the actuality of transition to Q-code Nautical Height (QNH) aircraft operations;
    - geo-information component of information complex to ensure aircraft safety during airfield surface movement;
    - tradeoff analysis of international and national coordinate systems and altitudes for their harmonization in air navigation;  
    - approaches of А-SMGCS systems development and implementation to ensure flight safety in the area of aerodromes with high intensity of air traffic; 
    - results of flight reviews of LKKS-A-2000 (GBAS) local augmentation station at Russian aerodromes; 
    - methods of flight safety risk assessment within ATM; 
    - aviation activity safety management; 
    - perspectives of using ATC secondary radar mode by state aviation aircraft in general air traffic;  
    - procedure of airspace use during unmanned aircraft operation; 
    - technologies of remote flight information and air traffic control service of aerodromes with low intensity of flying rate and helicopter decks; 
    - regulatory framework for implementation of Aviation Systems Block Upgrades concept (ASBU module B1-81) ICAO; 
    - approaches of development and implementation of multilevel mini airfield control radar; 
    - development of inner aerodrome zone meteorological radar;
    - development of unified controller positions of ATC specialists based on virtual reality technology;
    - imperfections in management, ensuring and service of air traffic according to the materials of accident investigation in the Member States of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace. 

Foreign colleagues and guests had possibility to get acquainted with Russian developments in the field of remote air traffic and flight information service of aerodromes with low intensity of flying rate and helicopter decks. 
All participants stressed high level of the meeting, informative and interesting presentations and news. The participants of the meeting offered the IAC to continue the development of the ideas and proposals made at the meeting and inform the participants of the following Coordinating Commission.