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About the workshop on aircraft deicing

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Within the framework of ICAO-IAC RER/01/901 "Development of operational safety and continuing airworthiness" regional project implementation with Airbus/ATR support the workshop on aircraft deicing was held on February 3-4, 2016. 150 representatives of aviation administrations and leading airlines and airports of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian Federation, Republic of Tajikistan, the Interstate Aviation Committee specialists (the IAC specialists), France, Federal Aviation Authority of the USA (FAA) participated in the workshop. 

At the first day of the workshop in the Interstate Aviation Committee the IAC specialists conducted analysis of aviation security in the region of Member States of the Agreement. 

Airbus and ATR specialists made a report on deicing requirements and ground personnel training, they presented the main aspects of pilots training as well.

Within the framework of exchanging of best practices on "Aircraft protection from ground icing" methodological recommendations prepared by the IAC jointly with representatives of the leading RF airlines and airports the following reports of leading specialists of aerodromes and airlines ground support services were presented: "Assurance and inspection of aircraft deicing quality in airports" and "Amendments to "Protection from aircraft ground icing" methodological recommendations. 

At the second day the workshop was held on the basis of Sheremetyevo international airport. The participants got acquainted with aircraft de-icing procedure, visited the storage area of deicing fluids, familiarized with the storage and utilization procedure of deicing fluids wastes, visited the laboratory of deicing fluids diagnostics and aviation specialists training center in Sheremetyevo airport as well.  

The workshop participants emphasized coordinated and highly organized work of ground handling services and airlines crews participating in aircraft ground de-icing procedure. 

The workshop participants approved "Aircraft protection from ground icing" methodological recommendations and supported proposals on new directions of their development: 

- aircraft de-icing standards; 

- deicers traffic patterns near airports;

- preliminary aircraft deicing;

- aircraft deicing in arctic conditions (very low temperatures); 

- aircraft with operating engines deicing; 

- phraseology, forms of aircraft deicing order;

- runway (RWY) and taxiways (TWY) deicing fluid effect on aircraft structure and systems. 

Plan of amendment drafting to "Aircraft protection from ground icing" methodological recommendations including the generalization of all proposals of workshop participants and publication of new recommendations to the end of August this year for the further implementation in work of airlines and airports of the Member States of the Agreement on Aviation and Use of Airspace during autumn-winter navigation of 2016-2017 was approved.

At the end of the workshop the certificates were given to all participants.