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About the courses at the National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan Republic

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In the period from 14 to 17 June 2016 within the framework of the ICAO/IAC Regional Project RER/01/901 (COSCAP-CIS) special courses “A318, A319, A320, A321 aircraft, their systems, CFM 56, IAE V2500, IAE PW 1100G engines and flight and navigation complex” took place in Baku, in the National Aviation Academy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The courses also dealt with the distinctive characteristics of the new A380 and A350 aircraft.

The courses were held by Airbus experts (Hamburg Training Centre, Germany), and more than 40 aviation specialists from the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Ukraine received their training.

The participants of the courses studied mechanical, electrical power, hydraulic power, fuel and pneumatic systems of the Airbus aircraft family. Functional resources of the navigation and radio navigation systems, automated takeoff and landing systems, communication, air conditioning, fire extinguishing and ice protection systems, flight data recorder and reservation system with the display of information in the cockpit received detailed consideration.

Special attention was given to the study of CFM 56, IAE V2500, IAE PW 1100G power plants, their airframe structure electronic control and regulation systems. The participants received the materials of the flight and technical documentation on the maintenance schedule/maintenance checks.

The participants of the courses showed great interest in the information related to different types of composite materials (carbon fiber composite, glass fiber, aramid fiber, etc.) used by Airbus, their advantages and drawbacks.

After the completion of the course the participants were issued the certificates of the Airbus European Training Centre, Hamburg, Germany.